I’m western girl with modern roots, I daydream about ranch-life, cows, and finding ways to use up all that beautiful old barn wood strewn across Colorado. I love the West and all it’s many landscapes, those wide open vistas, bleached grassland, stark mountains looming. I love the gumption and resilience it took to settle this land. Ranchers had to be inventive and creative designers, because when resources are scarce, you are forced to improvise. And so this love of the West is what constantly inspires my design process and design thinking.

I go after WILD ideas and love the challenge of making (taming) them reality. Resourcing new materials,maximizing a tight budget, or working through a structural surprise in an renovation – these are the types of challenges that arise in every project and make your project stand out. I also believe these solutions should be affordable, approachable, and authentic and leave little impact on our Earth’s natural resources.

Even a Brick

wants to be something.

~Louis Kahn

Tell me,
what is it you plan
to do with your one wild
and precious life?
– Mary Oliver

I started this business because I wanted to get my hands saw-dusty, use my creative muscle, and offer a more diverse selection of design services to fit my client’s needs and budgets. From the beginning I wanted this outfit to host a more relaxed design service that left pretension at the door, welcomed collaboration, and encouraged solutions that are both functional and spirited. Life is short, let’s make it count and have some fun!

And if you are looking for some “Street-Cred”: I have a Masters in Architecture and currently working on my architecture licensure. Over the last 12 years, I have worked in all aspects of design industry, from estimating and project management in design build construction, to working on speculative development projects in Egypt while at RNL, to designing custom commercial spaces with the boutique firm Lubowicki Architecture. I received my Bachelors of Fine Art from CU-Boulder, went on to get a Masters of Architecture from CU-Denver, and did post-graduate studies at the Architectural Association in London. I have taught several undergraduate design studios within the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado. These diverse design experiences will surely be assets to your project, but none more so then my passion for great design.