28 House

28 House started out as a pretty cool Colorado version of a 60’s saltbox ranch, but it was renovated in the early 90’s, and all the charm had been wiped clean and replaced with strange tea cup wallpaper and yellowish-beige paint applied to literally EVERY SINGE SURFACE.  The closed off kitchen, giant laundry room/pantry, and dark spaces left the main living areas feeling cramped, compartmentalized, and dismal.  We developed several layouts, but landed upon a simple kitchen expansion by removing two walls and stretching the kitchen and counter surfaces to extend the full width of the room.  We reconfigured the workflow around a new central 9 foot island, downsized the pantry/laundry to enlarge the dining room and annexed another portion of the old laundry to allow for a bar area with an exposed pantry behind. The significant impact though, was made by vaulting the space over the dining area and adding 2 skylights.  This new feature acts as this light filled crown over the family dining room.  This central space used to be the darkest part of the house, and now it’s the light source for the kitchen and living room and is the main gathering space and works for both large parties and quite family dinners.  We wanted the space feel classic and timeless, but with a playful, artistic, and earthy twist.  The materials reflect this direction with their funky colors and textures.  We replaced the music note wallpaper and replaced it with a Rebel Walls mural of a dense tree canopy to mimic the mature trees surrounding the neighborhood.  The Cle Tile cement tile runner adds a fun interest to a classic black/white kitchen scheme. The wood veneer above the open shelves in the kitchen allows the space to transform from day to night.  The texture of the wood comes alive after dark when the light hits the surface and illuminates the carved scallops.